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Assambirds Benefited from RSPB's Binocular Scheme Thanks to Mr. Chris Bowden

The binoculars we have received from Mr. Chris Bowden, RSPB.

RSPB's second-hand binoculars scheme is helping educate people and protect many different species in developing countries since 1985. More than 12,000 pieces of optical equipment have distributed by RSPB to 90 countries so far, including India.

Our thanks to Mr. Chris Bowden, International Species Recovery Officer for RSPB & Asian Vulture Programme Director, when we told him about the challenges we are facing to make a database (this blogsite) for ' endangered birds of Assam' Mr. Bowden promised us to help and he has gladly sent us this pair of binoculars.

With Mr. Sachin Ranade (left), BNHS Centre Manager of Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre at Rani in Assam, when he delivered the binoculars to us on behalf of Mr. Chris Bowden, at Guwahati.

Leaflet produced by Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre, Rani, Assam

Our thanks to Mr. Chris Bowden, who later informed us that the binoculars were kindly donated to RSPB by one of their members. Our thanks to that generous member of RSPB for their help and kindness.

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