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About Us

About Us                                        


This blog is maintained by Mithu Das Mithu Das whose hometown is Golaghat (Assam); presently residing at Bisarniya (Rajasthan), teaching English at OASIS Star Academy Bisarniya. Last year, Das was in Dipayal-Silgadhi (Nepal) where he taught English and Social Science at Shree Bhagrati Academy.

Das, who is a bird enthusiast and literature geek, previously wrote articles on birds in Assamese language (this is the reason why this blog has been named Assambirds).

Recently, Das has started posting blogs every subject he wants to write on—from birds, literature and odd jobs to Julie Christie, Seneca, Tagore and Vajpayee. Honestly, Assambirds can't be judged until you read it.

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