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2011 August

  1. Bar-headed Geese in Assam

2011 September

  1. Declining Bengal Florican and Its Conservation
  2. How Bar-headed Geese Fly Over Himalayas

2011 November

  1. Endemic Birds of Assam
  2. Critically Endangered and Endangered Birds of Assam
  3. Vulnerable and Near-threatened Birds of Assam

2012 January

  1. Vanishing Gyps Vultures: Can We Save Them?
  2. Locals Illegally Cutting Down Trees at Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary

2012 May

  1. White Wagtail: A Common Winter Visitor to Assam

2013 April

  1. Assambirds Benefited from RSPB's Binoculars Scheme

2015 November

  1. Martha and Her Message to the World
  2. The Sad Story of Passenger Pigeon


  1. Majuli: An Island Too Good To Be True
  2. Pink-headed Duck: Is It Still Alive?


  1. Rajmohan's Wife
  2. Indian-American Homicide Offender: Prosenjit Poddar
  3. Rongali Bihu: The Most Popular Spring Festival of Assam
  4. Keep Yourself Working Odd Jobs Until You Attain Your Goal
  5. Encroachment of Drains Causes Sudden Flood at Golaghat Town
  6. Durga Puja At Golaghat
  7. Julie Christie: The Sixties Movie Icon Who Was Born in Assam


  1. What Seneca Says About Death
  2. A Song For Optimists
  3. Mithu Das's Articles In Assamese
  4. Golaghat Inundated By Heavy Flood
  5. Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Surprisingly A Moderate?
  6. Durga Puja at Bokajan


  1. Schopenhauer’s Views on Idea of Will, and Death
  2. The Donkey Who Inspires Us
  3. A Tyrrany of Hooch
  4. Do You Believe in God, Sir/Madam?
  5. A Bike Ride From Golaghat To Furkating
  6. The Death of Shakyamuni


  1. Anti-CAA Protest In Assam Hasn't Come From Out Of The Blue
  2. Covid-19: Golaghat In Quarantine
  3. Golaghat Coronavirus Lockdown: My Feelings


  1. Spiny Babbler: The Endemic Bird of Nepal
  2. The First Car of Nepal
  3. School Children Urging UNESCO To List Muktinath Valley And Lo Manthang In The World Heritage List.
  4. The Oasis In Bisarniya
  5. Photos: Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal
  6. 140 Days in Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal
  7. The 1950 Assam-Tibet Earthquake: An Overview


  1. A Two-Hour Journey On A Local Train In Golaghat: Images
  2. We're Baking In The Heat This Summer At Golaghat
  3. Golaghat Celebrates 75th Anniversary Of Independence: Images
  4. Bortol

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