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Do You Believe In God, sir/madam?

Do You Believe in God, sir/madam? The letter Tony Blair sent us from 10 Downing Street. By Mithu Das   May 06, 2019 From 1996 to 1998—I was a young adult at the time—I had been sending letters to a dozen of famous people, asking them three questions about God and the meaning of human life. Those who responded were Mr. Tony Blair, Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia, Mr. Bittu Shagal, Sister Nirmala Joshi, Nirupoma Borgohain, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Goswami and Santanoo Tamuly. My three questions were: (1) Do you believe in God? (2) What is the meaning of life? and (3) How a human