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Bortol People lighting earthen lamps and inscense under the banyan tree at Bortol. Every year, people come in their hordes to attend the mela at Bortol. They offer ducks and ash gourds to the temple and ask god to fulfill their wishes. The unique prasad is another attraction to them. Bortol, which is a place of worship for Hindus, has been attracting me for a long time. I heard many stories about it, some of which I found to be quite interesting. Though it is not far from my hometown Golaghat, I couldn't arrange a visit to it, especially when melas were organized there. L

Golaghat Celebrates 75th Anniversary Of Independence: Images

Golaghat Celebrates 75th Anniversary Of Independence: Images The Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Golaghat. In 15th August 1947, India won independence from Britain. However, it was not an easier task for the people of India to achieve the independence from British Empire; it took them nearly 90 years to free the country from British rule. In that period of struggle for independence, many people were imprisoned or tortured; many lost their lives. Yet, unfortunately, as soon as the independence was won, it divided India and Pakistan by partition, which resulted in one of the history's

We're Baking In The Heat This Summer At Golaghat

We're Baking In The Heat This Summer At Golaghat Heatwave vector downloaded from cutewallpaper This year, at Golaghat, July was proved to be the hottest month of all time, and people felt as if they had been thrown into an oven. It was mid July, 5:45am; I was still in bed, sleeping. Suddenly the overhead fan had stopped spinning and I woke up. I saw the sunlight had entered into my bedroom through the ceiling, and I was feeling hot. I understood we were going to experience another boiling hot day in a series. Like many parts in the world, the weather in Assam has dras