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Golaghat Coronavirus Lockdown: My Feelings

Golaghat Coronavirus Lockdown: My Feelings In Krishna Nagar, Golaghat, people took precautions against COVID-19 by blocking the main road to their colonies for outsiders (2 April 2020). By Mithu Das   May 31, 2020 Being a workaholic, I didn't like the coronavirus lockdown. However, as there was no other way to stop spreading this virulent virus (SARS-CoV-2), so we had to bite the bullet. The nightmarish lockdown has started on 24 March and is still continuing though it gradually eases now. For me, the lockdown was a curse. I had lost my a

Covid-19: Golaghat In Quarantine

Covid-19: Golaghat In Quarantine Golaghat town in quarantine By Mithu Das   March 30, 2020 The whole India is being placed on lockdown for twenty-one days—from 24 March to 13 April—preventing further spread of covid-19. And, it has hardly passed 7 days that I'm terribly getting bored staying at home. You can’t go outside except that you need to buy some medicines or groceries. You can't drive a car, you can't ride a motorcycle, even you can't walk the street. I really hate this virus.  Covid-19, which is caused by SARS-CoV-2—a

Anti-CAA Protest In Assam Hasn't Come From Out Of The Blue

Anti-CAA Protest In Assam Hasn't Come From Out Of The Blue Tyres were being burned to protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill at Bengenakhowa Chariali, Golaghat (12 December 2019; 4:27pm). By Mithu Das   January 03, 2020 Since Citizenship Amendment Bill has been tabled in the Union Cabinet meeting, All Assam Students' Union has started protesting agaisnt it, for it doesn't meet Assam Accord. Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Assam bandh was continued for the third consecutive day in my hometown Golaghat. At around 10:30am, I was riding my

The Death of Shakyamuni

The Death of Shakyamuni The Death of the Buddha. By Mithu Das   November 13, 2019 Before he died, the last message Shakyamuni Buddha gave his disciples was: "Be a torch unto yourselves". It was December, 482 BC(?), Shakyamuni or the Buddha—who was eighty years old then—was en rout to Kuśināra (present-day Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, India). He was accompanied by Ananda, his first cousin and a close companion, and several other disciples. In the late December, they crossed the Ganges river and arrived at a village called Bail