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Vanishing Gyps Vultures : Can We Save Them?

Vanishing Gyps Vultures : Can We Save Them? The veterinary drug Diclofenac is responsible for the decline of three Gyps species: Long-Billed Vulture, White-Rumped Vulture, and Slender-Billed Vulture. It is thought that their numbers are declining faster than Dodo. White-Rumped Vulture. Image ©Andy and Gill Swash By Mithu Das   January 22, 2012 In a research paper published in December 1999 in the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), Vibhu Prakash has first reported that there has been a crash in population of Gyps vultures in the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan. Dr. Prakash recorded a sharp decline of 96 per cent in the population of white-rump

Locals Illegally Cutting Down Trees at Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary

Locals Illegally Cutting Down Trees at Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Trees that were illegally cut down lying on the riverbeds of the Dhansiri river (Image 1, 2, 3). The Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is on the opposite of the river. Image ©Mithu Das. By Mithu Das   January 02, 2012 Dahnsiri–Doyang 2 No Mukh area, which is well-known of the confluence of the Nambor and Dhansiri rivers, is situated fifteen km south from Golaghat town. The Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary (South Block)  meets the confluence here. Sadly, 90% of the South Block forest land has been destroyed over the last few decades. However, a vast tracts of forest land that are still adjoining the river banks pro

Endemic Birds of Assam

Endemic Birds of Assam Assam Plains is one of the 12 Endemic Bird Areas (EBA) in India, which supports more than a dozen of restricted-range bird species. Beautiful Sibia. Image ©Kshounish Sankar Ray. By Mithu Das   November 27, 2011 It is a phenomenon well known to biologist that certain areas of the world, particularly in tropical regions, support concentrations of animal and plant species with restricted ranges, i.e. species that are found nowhere else in the earth. The Endemic Bird Areas of the World Birds found in certain natural areas and could not be seen anywhere else may called restricted-range birds. According to Stattersfield and their colleagues, a r

The Critically Endangered and Endangered Birds of Assam

The Critically Endangered and Endangered Birds of Assam At least seventeen rarest birds of Assam are included in the World's Rarest Birds Project. Below you can find a list of those birds. White-Bellied Heron ©Thet Zaw Naing By Mithu Das   November 03, 2011 Erik Hirschfeld is a birder and author, who, in 2010, along with his two friends—Andy Swash and Rob Still—started the World's Rarest Birds Project to contribute to Birdlife International's Preventing Extinctions Programme by raising funds. "The project started with the launch of an exciting photo competition, aimed at providing the images for a new book entitled The World's Rarest Birds," said th