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Rongali Bihu: The Most Popular Spring Festival of Assam

Rongali Bihu: The Most Popular Spring Festival of Assam People in Assam celebrate spring festival in mid-April. It is the biggest festival known as Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu. Children enjoying dancing Bihu in Rongali Bihu festival in Majuli, Assam. Image courtesy: Wikipedia. By Mithu Das   April 15, 2017 When spring arrives, it makes everything anew—the weather becomes warmer, trees grow new leaves and flowers appear, animals wake up from hibernation, and birds migrate to warmer regions—in Shakespeare's language: When proud-pied April, dress’d in all his trim,

Indian-American Homicide Offender: Prosenjit Poddar

Indian-American Homicide Offender: Prosenjit Poddar By Mithu Das   April 08, 2017 Recently, the arrest of an Indian-American teenager, Arnav Uppalapati, 17, who has been accused of killing his biological mother a year ago has shocked the Indian community in America. Town of Carry Police, North Carolina, have been investigating the unsolved murder since 2015. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a murder has been committed by an Indian- American. In 2016, at least two cases of murder-suicide and one case of shooting have been reported. Similarly, one murder case was recorded i

Rajmohan's Wife

Rajmohan's Wife Rajmohan's Wife, the first Indian novel in English, was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1864. Rajmohan's Wife was published in 1864 as a serial novel in a weekly periodical, the Indian Field. (Image downloaded from Google Images.) By Mithu Das   March 28, 2017 Born in a Brahmin family in 1838 and grew up speaking Bengali, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee had had a big interest in the Sanskrit language as well as in English. A literary genius, Chatterjee started writing verse when he was in high school. He wrote his first novel—Rajmohan's Wife—in English language, when he was 26. By writin

Pink-headed Duck: Is It Still Alive?

Pink-headed Duck: Is It Still Alive? Pink-headed duck has gone extinct due to hunting and habitat loss. It was last seen in the wild in 1949. An illustration of Pink-headed Duck by Carl D'Silva from Salim Ali's Book of Indian Birds. Courtesy of Bombay Natural History Society. By Mithu Das   September 18, 2016 The conclusion to be drawn is either that the Pink-headed Duck has indeed become extinct as was feared, or that if perchance there are any lingering survivors they keep strictly confined to the seclusion of some remote and inaccessible areas. Salim Ali Pink-headed duck Rhodonessa