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Photos: Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal

Photos: Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal The Seti river with Dipayal valley seen from Chhipla forest. By Mithu Das   June 21, 2021 This blogpost is Part 2 of the first one 140 Days in Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal . While Part 1 consists of text and images, this post consists only images. We would like to request you to read the Part 1 as well so that you can understand which image (of this post) is linked to which topic. Click here to read Part 1: 140 Days in Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal . Silgadhi Sunset over Dipayal and Seti river viewed from Zero Point, Silgadhi.

The Oasis In Bisarniya

                       The Oasis in Bisarniya                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 On the eve of Holi festival, OASIS teachers delivering speech to students on the origin of Holi and its significance to Indian culture.                                              By Mithu Das   May 26, 2021      I'm standing on a sandy hillock in the middle of the semidesert area at Bisarniya, Rajasthan. The land in front of me is covered by dry sand with scrub vegetation, khejri and rohida trees, which is spreading miles after miles. At first glance, to a stranger, the place could seem uninhabited. But it