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Photos: Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal

Photos: Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal
Seti river

The Seti river with Dipayal valley seen from Chhipla forest.


By Mithu Das   June 21, 2021

This blogpost is Part 2 of the first one 140 Days in Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal. While Part 1 consists of text and images, this post consists only images. We would like to request you to read the Part 1 as well so that you can understand which image (of this post) is linked to which topic. Click here to read Part 1: 140 Days in Dipayal Silgadhi, Nepal.


Dipayal seen from Silgadhi
Sunset over Dipayal and Seti river viewed from Zero Point, Silgadhi.
Silgadhi rice terraces
Wheat terraces in Silgadhi.
Two girls are carrying jugs of milk which they will deliver to Silgadhi Mukhemarg. (This image was taken near Punna area at sunset.)
Silgadhi misty hill
A misty hill in the morning.
Silgadhi Punna
A lovely sunny day, near Punna area.

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Silgadhi shrouded by mist
After a gentle rain overnight, a village near Bhagrati Academy is shrouded by heavy mist in the morning.
Seti river fish
The only fish I'd seen in Silgadhi. It was caught in the Seti river and would be sold to a nearby hotel.
Chow mein
Chow mein is the most common food eaten by almost everyone in Nepal. It is also cheap and good.
Archit Malashi
Archit the birthday boy.
Dipika, who has come to visit our landlord's relatives, is peeking through the window to my room.
children playing
Sakshi (on the front) and their friends are practising Musical chairs on the school playground.
Silgadhi volleyball game
Students playing volleyball at Bhagrati Academy.
The village of Bishnu Kolli
The village I visited with Bishnu Kolli, who reads in class 6 at Shree Bhagrati Academy.
It's a tradition in Nepal to slaughter goats and buffaloes at Dashain. However, some people replace the animals by ash gourd (pictured).
Maghe Sankranti
It was Maghe Sankranti and a plateful of delicious food was sent to me by the Malashis.
Himalayan vulture
Although a near threatened species, Himalayan vulture, or Himalayan Griffon, is one of the most common birds found in Silgadhi.
Dipayal Silgadhi Nagarpalika
Dipayal Silgadhi Nagarpalik writes graffiti on a wall to make people aware of child labour, child marriage and violence against women.

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Shree Bhagrati Academy
Shree Bhagrati Academy.
Temple entrance gate
An entrance gate of a temple, near Shaileshwori Mandir.


Pipalla Bazar, Dipayal Silgadhi.
Doti Airport
Doti Airport.
Dipayal footbridge
A suspension bridge over Seti river.
Doti Killa
The temple on Doti Killa, near Seti River bridge.
Helicopter Dipayal to Khaptad
Tourists are being ferried by a helicopter from Doti airport to Khaptad National Park.
Seti river
The Seti River.
Mithu Das
Selfie: Mithu Das sitting by the Seti river.

Bashant Panchami celebration at Shree Bhagrati Academy

Silgadhi Bashant Panchami
Students, their parents and teachers gather in front of the stage to watch the cultural programmes organised by Shree Bhagrati Academy at Bashant Panchami.
Silgadhi children dancing
Children performing dance at Bashant Panchami function.
Bashant Panchami at Silgadhi
Sakshi and her friends performing a dance with the popular Nepali song Takan Tukun.
Saksham Malashi
Saksham singing a song.
Silgadhi girls dancing
Encouraged by a rock song, these girls have performed something different.
Nepali folk dance
A man is making video of the students performing a popular Nepali folk dance. On the far right is standing Arunima Bhandari the anchorwoman.
Nepali costumes
Students in their traditional Nepali costumes.

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Arunima Bhandari
Arunima Bhandari in traditional Nepali costumes.
Silgadhi students
Students pause for a photograph.
Silgadhi school students
Students taking photos of stage function at Bashant Panchami.
Happy children
The smiles that heal the world.
Mithu Das Silgadhi
Mithu Das with their students at Bashant Panchami.
beatific smiles
It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.F. Scott Fitzgerald

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